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Hello MF Sir, We are using some template from beta. Now when the project spreate. so we need these template. below these are template which use in main page so please import them manually.

Robelbox Robelbox/HR Robelbox/close

Thank you-जयप्रकाश >>> वार्ता १०:४३, १० अगस्त २०१७ (IST)

Done. As you will have noticed, I imported everything from betawikiversity:Category:HI. Please delete the pages there. Please inform the rest of the community that they can now edit. --MF-Warburg (वार्ता) १०:५८, १० अगस्त २०१७ (IST)

Thank you Sir, But here is lot of template which is in red link. Can you give me Sysop access only for today or two day. So that i import these red link manually. Thanks-जयप्रकाश >>> वार्ता

Done for 1 week. --MF-Warburg (वार्ता) ११:१४, १० अगस्त २०१७ (IST)

Thank you Sir.-जयप्रकाश >>> वार्ता ११:२०, १० अगस्त २०१७ (IST)

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